waqar_shahWaqar Shah

Managing Director & Founder

Waqar began his career in 2001 by designing and implementing commercial databases and web technologies for large enterprise clients. He has successfully developed commercially deployed databases and web applications, with scalable system architecture, managing the enterprise level projects, managing IT human resources and complex automated business processes. Waqar is well established in the telecommunications and mobile sector and recently completed a project with a global mobile content supplier. His key strength is the sound understanding of business commercial models and in-depth knowledge of technological frameworks.

Waqar studied Computer Science and Software Engineering at The University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) and achieved a Bachelors in Computer Science/Software Engineering, he then went on to achieve a Masters in Science for Internet Software Systems (with Distinction).

ansar_shahSyed Ansar Hussain Shah

Director/Head of IT

As Head of IT, Ansar is responsible for managing teams of experienced Software engineers and designers. Ansar began his career in 2006 with one of the authorised dealers of TOYOTA family, and successfully automated the proccesses and also built the IT infrasturcture for that enterprise. He then joined Waqar Shah in 2008 and formed WaqarTech limited, the company. Since then he has successfully managed the enterprise level projects. Ansar studied Computer Science from Pakistan and achieved a Bachelors in Computer Science degree.



Sulaiman joined WaqarTech in 2013 after his master degree. He started as a technical assistant but developed his skills very quickly and became a qualified technical support manager. He has been working on our European clients’ projects but now he is CTO at Supermeal.pk brand offering solution-based services. Sulaiman analyses and proposes embedded system, web development and purchase of equipment for the company.

Our Skills

Our team is very innovative and works with advance products and technologies such as Asterisk PBX, VoIP services, distributed web services, Ajax based web components, mobile applications, billing and reporting systems using Crystal and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) solutions. We can combine various technologies from different sources and produce scalable, robust and reliable applications.

Our Team Leads

On every project, we have a separate Team Leader (engineer), who monitors the quality of work, ensures that deadlines are met and that projects are delivered within budget constraints.

Our team leads are also responsible for research & development during project life cycle; who share the knowledge with entire team, which makes the whole process more productive.

The team leads are experienced in terms of technologies with vast domain knowledge; this assures that out client gets the best software solution.

The Team WaqarTech works very closely with clients to deliver not just the MRD (marketing requirements document) but also take pride in inputting additional enhancements where appropriate with client’s approval.

WaqarTech has a team of engineers who have worked on many enterprise level applications in the past. Most of the projects are still online and in use e.g.

  • Living Memory
  • Sales Force
  • MTN Nigeria (MNO application)
  • CellC South Africa (MNO application)
  • Manx Telecom (MNO application)
  • i-Connect
  • MyGoodPoints
  • Soft-ex TDI (telecom data intelligence)

Our team has a number of engineers who have 8+ years of experience in web technologies, databases, mobile apps, VoIP solution, system architecture, and software deployment. The team also has experience in the telecommunications and mobile sector and some of the engineers worked with a BT venture in the global mobile content space. Our key strength is the sound understanding of business commercial models and in-depth knowledge of technological frameworks. We have a strong understanding of device profiles, device data, mobile WAP, geo tagging (location based services), CDR (call detail records), third party services etc. We also have experience in building optimised search components and this is especially appropriate for enterprise applications.