Digital Trading


Digital Trading Limited, an Irish technology company, owns the iConnect platform.

i-Connect (Digital Relationship Marketing) –

i-Connect is an enterprise level hosted SaaS (software as a service) application for Telcos and Enterprises that uses telecom services like SMS, Email, calls etc to stay in touch with their consumers.


The system allows users to run searches against the data base they have created.  These searches are very detailed allowing the user to run multiple queries or combination of queries and ranges to search for specific groups of people. Groups can then be communicated with using a selection of telephony services, messaging and content based applications.

The system also allows users to run campaigns that are timed using an on line calendar for each group that will trigger specific messages to be delivered to specific groups at specific times.

The system then tracks responses from customers and produce reports for the user to manage their relationships with customers.  Certain reports and customer feedback will are delivered automatically to the users to allow them to take action such as book a sale, reserve a place, send a package etc.

Some key features of this application are;

  • Import contacts using a CSV file
  • Create groups
  • Create customised fields in database according to business nature of the enterprise
  • Advance search that caters every criteria
  • Click 2 Dial Conference Calling
  • Schedule conference calls
  • Schedule other events
  • Appointments
  • Calendar
  • Bulk SMS marketing
  • Bulk Email marketing
  • Nightly process scheduler to compile and generate bills and reports.

Technologies used: 

ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2008, Crystal reporting, 3-Tier architecture (distributed), Aterisk, PHP, AJAX, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS.