My Good Points


Company Overview: is a new online charity which allows donors to gather online their unused loyalty points and air-miles and donate these directly as cash to fund charity projects of their choice at home and overseas. Once funds have been delivered and work started donors receive thank you notes, photos, videos and progress updates from the aid workers on the ground to let them see the real difference their help is making. During 2009-2010 MyGoodPoints has gathered €1 million euro in corporate support. Free software, engineering time, graphics and sponsorship from major companies including Google Ireland, Vodafone, KPMG, Microsoft, Salesforce and the NDRC in Dublin to build the platform.

As a result MyGoodPoints now has a beta version of donation platform built and in July 2010  the application was tested with live donors and real cash to support real charity projects.


MyGoodPoints goal is to first prove the model in Ireland before the grow globally. With global support they aim to recruit 1 million donors to their platform in the next 3 to 5 years, each donating about €10 euro a month and raising more than €100m for worthy charity projects at home and overseas.