Every project is unique, therefore a good thought is required when selecting application architecture model.

n-tier or 3-tier architecture are well known names to many enterprises, but they question we always ask our client is;

  • what is the scope of the project?
  • is your product for internal business processes or www public?
  • are you focusing on flashy/rich client application or a lightweight back-end system for internal business staff/operations?
  • how much traffic you are planning drive to your app?
  • are you planning to create mobile applications for the app?
  • are you planning to make your platform available to other companies for pull/push data?

WaqarTech has an excellent skills in capturing the application scope when capturing  application requirements or from MRD (marketing requirement definition).

Below are some of the known application architecture models and architecture styles that WaqarTech can use to build solutions for you.

Application Architecture

  • Web Application: This type of application can be access from different web browsers. This model uses the storage and processing of the server.
  • Mobile Apps: Can be developed as a Web application or a rich client application. Runs on devices with limited hardware resources.
  • Rich Client: This type of application can be developed as standalone. This model uses the storage and processing power of the local computer. Example of this can be Java Applet, Macromedia Flash or Microsoft Silverlight application.
  • Service Application: This model connects distributed components (computers) through defined protocols and resources (data, content) can be accessed from the local machine or remotely, depending on the business needs.

Architecture Styles

  • MVC Architecture
  • 3-tier Architecture (tightly coupled)
  • 3-tier Architecture (distributed)
  • Load-Balanced– SOA (Service Oriented Application)