WaqarTech has a dedicated VoIP engineering team that specialises in Asterisk PBX and FreeSwitch PBX.

Click-2-Dial & Conference

We have implemented Click-2-Dial and Conference calling using Asterisk PBX, which can be used using web browser in iConnect project. The application also allows the end-user to schedule these calls, in which the iConnect platform will initiate calls at the set time.

Click-2-Dial is a feature that would connects two call legs, which could be between mobile and/or landline phones.

IVR and voice recording

We can also add IVR and voice recording features to your hosted VoIP PBX solution. In the iConnect application we have implemented IVR, call recording and  voice messages, which can be managed using web interface using standard browser.

CDR (call detail records)

We can smartly retrieve the CDR information from the PBX server using web services and perform billing operations using the rates table.

WaqarTech team has implemented some new/advance standards in PBX server, that allows the web application  to interact with the PBX using light weight, load-balanced web services to get call status e.g. conference room status by displaying the number of people in the room, who joined at what time, who has left the room etc. The information messages between the client browser and PBX server is very light weight, which we display in browser using Ajax calls.

Very smart, next generation telecom solutions.