Inspires Lord Mayor of Birmingham

Birmingham (December 21, 2014): After enjoying phenomenal success in Pakistan, SuperMeal has finally landed in United Kingdom. The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Shafique Shah, has acknowledged the entrepreneurial achievements of’s Managing Director Mr. Syed Waqar Shah Gilani by presenting him with an honorary certificate of excellence in business. SuperMeal has recently been fully launched across the United Kingdom as an online food ordering service which is also accessible via a dedicated and easy to use mobile phone application.

In this regard, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councilor Shafique Shah, gave an official reception to Mr. Gilani in appreciation of the site’s unmatched food ordering services now available in UK 24/7.

Furthermore the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councilor Shafique Shah invited SuperMeal’s director Mr. Gilani for a sumptuous lunch at the historic Birmingham Council House here on November 26, 2014. Many leading entrepreneurs and businesspersons of the United Kingdom were also present on the occasion. “I was officially invited by the honorary Lord Mayor of Birmingham to appreciate all the work we have done in Birmingham and across the UK in terms of bringing in technology innovation and education,” Mr. Gilani said.

On this memorable occasion, the Lord Mayor of Birmingham officially awarded an exclusive certificate to Mr. Syed Waqar Shah Gilani.. As per the exact wording on the official certificate, it was awarded “In recognition of your outstanding contribution to the Business, Community and Charitable sector.”

“Having received such a prestigious certificate at the Birmingham Council House is more than an achievement for the entire team of SuperMeal. It shows that we are now being acknowledged all over the world for our dedicated and concerted efforts in adding a positive value into the lives of every human being via unsurpassed technological solutions,” said by Mr. Gilani,

At the luncheon, Mr. Gilani briefed the hosts about the long-term business plans of that will not only generate employment opportunities in the UK, but will also redefine the way British people like to feast. He also talked about the philosophy behind and its unique model of creating jobs for young entrepreneurs, and how this food ordering sensation is rolling out of Birmingham to rest of the world and making an enormous impact.

The Lord Mayor offered his services to promote the cause of Shahid Afridi Foundation and appreciated how WaqarTech, the parent company of SuperMeal, is making a global impact through its wide range of value-added services. He also assured his help in the promotion of technology-based innovations in Birmingham resulting in the creation of more jobs for the local people.

Elected as the Lord Mayor of Birmingham in 2005, Councilor Shafique Shah is determined to support young British entrepreneurs introducing state-of-the-art technologies and hi-tech services in the region. As per his working philosophy, he never misses a single opportunity to welcome those of the hard working citizens who are striving hard to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the city. Working day and night as an ambassador for Birmingham, Mr. Shafique intends to accept as many invitations as he can to meet the young people that will be the future leaders of the city.

At the end of the meeting the Lord Mayor gave a tour of the Birmingham Council House and informed Mr. Shah about the historical significance of the House.

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