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WaqarTech Ltd. provides a complete range of IT consultancy, development, deployment and support services. We offer clients support and expertise in specific areas or full end-to-end solutions. By applying both technical skills and consulting techniques we work with organisations to streamline their businesses and improve their operational effectiveness. WaqarTech has an experienced team based across the UK and Ireland. The company as a whole has highly qualified staff based in 3 Countries. This provides our clients with an extensive range of resources and best practice approaches. Web application, mobile apps and telecom solutions is our core business, powered by complex databases. Scalable software development is our prime goal, keeping client’s budget, time and product quality in mind.

Virtual / Remote Office

More and more organizations are embracing the idea of remote or flexible workforces. WaqarTech provides a variety of virtual office solutions to make working from outside the office easier.

I am a Start-up, Help Me!

We’re helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams. Startups that put people first and measure success in happiness, as well as profits. Think sustainability above short–term.

Mobile App Development

We specialise in transforming business ideas and turning them into mobile apps. With this we empower your to have complete control over your business from anywhere in the world and on the go.