Our Team

Waqar Shah

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Supermeal is spearheaded by Waqar Shah, Entrepreneur and CEO with over 20 years’ business management experience, ranging from new start-ups to established organisations. Waqar is ex-British Telecom and has led many large-scale software projects including O2 Communicate, O2 Optimiser and AnPost Ireland. He has advised many start-ups and enhanced their capabilities by providing engineers and designers. Waqar began his career in 2001 by designing and implementing commercial technologies for SMEs. Waqar has achieved numerous accolades, holding a BEng in Computer Science and MSc in Internet Software Technologies, completed with distinction in 2006.

Laura-Jayne Crumpton

Investment Officer

With an extensive background in Finance Management and has also established herself as one of the “Go to” people for employment and finance management services. During her 13 years in SME & corporate sector, she has worked for high profile clients such as Busybees, Argos, Habitat, Homebase & DHL. Laura has successfully built a nationwide network of clients and a reputation for delivering on her promises.

Craig Greenhouse


Over 20 years experience in tech and start-ups. In the 90’s Craig started two Web Design and Ecommerce software companies. Over the years he has held various Software Engineering roles in small and large companies, both start ups and established. With Mergers and Acquisitions and Fundraising skills and experience, he now advises various start-ups on growth strategy and funding options.

Wakas Kayani


Wakas Kayani is a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Kayani has over 18 years experience in real estate and development with successful developments across UK, Dubai and Asia. He has a diverse portfolio of companies which are still operational to date spanning from Real Estate, Property Development and Manufacturing. Over the past five years he has been an active investor in the tech industry.

Ansar Shah

COO & Head of Product

Ansar is an experienced product & project management professional who specializes in productizing software applications beginning with an idea, all the way to production. For more than 12 years, Ansar has successfully led many enterprise-level B2B/B2C applications including ECommerce platforms and mobile apps. Some of these applications were built for Microsoft, Google, Vodafone, O2, Ericsson and AnPost. He possesses a broad skill-set, including custom product development for enterprise, product UX/UI design, and managing product roadmaps.

Amin Satti

Chief Technology Officer

Serving as CTO / Head of Technology, Amin has over 18 years of experience developing, implementing, and supporting complex infrastructures for large-scale enterprise-level B2B, B2C and eCommerce platforms. A graduate in computer science, Amin possesses exceptional software analysis expertise, development methodologies, building world-class technology teams for both start-ups and scaled growth applications, product infrastructure, supervising technical teams, diagnosing technical challenges, evaluating alternatives, and making practical recommendations.

Shaiq Malik

Director of Finance

Shariq Malik is a multi-skilled qualified finance professional with a strong academic background and eight years of extensive financial management experience in accounting, auditing, cash flow management, budgeting, and Investment Analysis. Shariq has successfully managed and maintained a diversified portfolio of international clients, including working for the renowned professional services organisation, PwC. Shariq has consolidated his financial management knowledge throughout the years and can expertly handle multiple financial tools and applications for successful project execution. In addition, he has an excellent command on ISAs, IAS, & IFRS.

Ahsan Mirza

Head of Operations

Ahsan brings with him more than 7 years of diverse professional experience in the fields of business performance and operations management, strategy and planning, and data and marketing analytics, having worked in organisations including Daraz (Alibaba Group) and Careem (Uber Technologies).

Full-time employees amounts to 42

We work in an agile fashion by demonstrating applications in short iterations.

We can easily accommodate change/feature requests as the architecture is designed by keeping scalability in mind and use our knowledge and skills to enhance the overall requirements. Our development approach allows us to build the application rapidly, without compromising the quality.

We are agile, pure agile

Given that we are an agile team, we can implement high quality solutions significantly quicker than many other organizations and this was part of the essential criteria set by projects like Soft-ex and iConnect.

Our objective is to deliver against the requirements specified by the customer; these requirements must initially be captured in a Market Requirements Description. The MRD will ensure that from the outset bothWaqartech and the client are clear on the deliverable. We then fragment the requirements into deliverable and assign both cost and time parameters to each of these.

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